overthinking the idiot box

The Diva Principle
How television uses Broadway icons.
Escapism Ain't What It Used to Be
Why do we gravitate to subject matter so close to home?

What I'm Watching

New series! Tell us what you watch, and we'll tell you what you are.
Television: A New Hope?
CLONE WARS and the Future of STAR WARS on Television

At the Buzzer
Shaquille O'Neal: The NBA's Only Ratings Hope?

by Alan Bloom

Be Careful Out There
The Networks Grimm.

by Andreanna Ditton

Bride of TiVo
All that you can't leave behind delete.

Free Truman

Fear and Self-Loathing in Los Angeles, Part 2.

Holographic Wow
Where have all our sci-fi heroes gone?

London Calling

The super-groomed spin-fest of an English election month.


Outer space, deviant sexualities, and FIREFLY's fanciest lad

Police procedurals gone anime.
Sex and the City Seasons 1-3
Catching up on the girliest show of all time.

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