overthinking the idiot box

New York's Real Law and Order
The criminal justice system is divided into two separate and equal parts: The part depicted on TV, and the part found in the real world.
TV Musicals: Gonna Live Forever?
The history of the made-for-TV musical, from A to Xena.

The Sitcom is Dead. Long Live the Sitcom?

The new evolution of TV comedy.
At the Buzzer
Is the Tour de France watchable?

Be Careful Out There
From The Mailbag: CAGNEY AND LACEY.

by Andreanna Ditton

Bride of TiVo
Making HOUSE calls all summer long.

Free Truman

And the nominees for best reality SHOULD be...

Holographic Wow
BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. The best show on TV. Deal with it.

London Calling

Live8: A big thing done badly.


Repeat after me: Vulcans are not sex toys.

When auteurs go wrong.
Deadwood Season 1
Don't like swearing cowboys? Well, the pigs are hungry.

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