overthinking the idiot box

Miss the first season of SMRT-TV? Well, it certainly missed you!
The Best of Season 1

The Fall 2005 Upfronts
SMRT-TV took on its greatest nemesis — daily updates — with its coverage of the fall schedule presentations.
The Evolution of the TV Nerd
Will the co-opting of nerd culture kill the TV nerd?

TV Musicals: Gonna Live Forever?

The TV Musical, from A to Xena.
Spongefreud Squarepants
A Freudian analysis of the show SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS. If this isn't why the Internet was invented, I don't want to know.

FAN MAIL, anyone?

Hey, some Lost
LOST Haiku!

Flashbacks are bullshit
I wish something would happen
Yet still I watch on
Jeff Stone

Kate's main job is to
Follow you, berating.
She multitasks well.
Elana Frink

Ends at nine-oh-two?
What if I want to TiVo
West Wing or Idol?
Joel Bergen

Hurley's a big guy
He'd be good to eat for food
But that's last resort
Justin Winters

J. J. Abrams is
My hero. Warm sun, hotter guys
Few clothes, life is good.
Joelle Tjahjadi

At the Buzzer
Real Sports With Bryant Gumble — now THAT'S smart TV.

Be Careful Out There
Has the pantsuit brought lady cops gender equality?

Bride of TiVo
TiVo, reality TV, and the Bride: A totally hot threesome.

Free Truman
Flyover states and the diversity of reality.

Holographic Wow
Alison says goodbye to ENTERPRISE. She does this by kicking the crap out of it.

London Calling

How the Naked Chef is saving Britain, one school lunch at a time.


Lesbians in Sunnydale!

Traditional voice actors: overshadowed by stunt-cast guest stars?

Seinfeld: Season 4
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The Golden Girls
: Season 1

Can you say "podcast commentary"? I thought you could.

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