overthinking the idiot box

PODCAST: Pride, the Gateway Sin
Our first of seven podcasts commentary-ing on television's Seven Deadly Sins. First up: Desperate Housewives's "Suspicious Minds" and the sin of Pride.

Leaky Politics
The West Wing: Showing the Bush administration how to plug leaks.

Spoiled Rotten for Lost
Your guide to the world of Lost online.

Letter from Liz

Dead Like Me Season 1

Do what the cowbell says, and don't fear these Reapers.

Be Careful Out There
The PI: The cop show's sexy sister

Behind the Screens
CSI: Nielsons — your fall 2005 ratings recap.

London Calling
Rupert Murdoch and Tony Blair: BFF when it comes to the BBC.

Play Me to the Desk
Conan the Destroyer.

Some spooky cartoons for your spooky Halloween Monday.

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