overthinking the idiot box

February 13, 2006

Letter from the editor
Don't say the TV will never love us back. Because it's just not true.

Valentine's Day is a fun occasion to consider the spectrum of love — from blind passion to gentle affection. See, we're a passionate people, here at SMRT-TV; we wear our loves on our sleeve and feel no shame (well, maybe we're a little ashamed about Prison Break.) And what's so wrong with investing yourself in the media you consume? After all, why waste your time watching your ten hours a week, unless you decide to care about it?

That was the theory behind these finely hand-crafted valentines to our favorite show runners, actors, and characters. Valentine's Day might ultimately be a fake holiday, but it's nice that there's one day a year when you just let people know how much you care about them. (If you have some feelings of your own to get off your chest, the forum is a fine place to do that.)

These valentines come from a place (hopefully) fairly devoid of darker passions, so D. Roberts Keenan's fourth podcast makes for a nice contrast. Trust a bad WB show to perfectly conceptualize the idea of lust: from metaphoric heat vision to naked ladies in the pool.

A great set of columns, too: Michael Adams dissects the cancellation of Reunion, while Andreanna Ditton looks at the difference between British and American crime, and Adam Lipkin gives you the low-down on the best hookups for old-school animation. Plus, a DVD review of every twenty-something's childhood favorite. A petite, though no less interesting issue. Consider it our Valentine to you, dear reader. We spew our SMRTs because we care.

-Liz Shannon Miller

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