overthinking the idiot box

March 13, 2006

Letter from the editor
TV: Panacea for Most Ills

Having just spent this fine Monday recovering from a delightful bit of food poisoning, I am here to say this: I don't know what we did as a species before television, when ill. Being confined to bed or the couch without some form of mindless, effortless entertainment playing in the background seems like torture of an extreme sort at this moment; nothing more lovely than slipping easily into slumber while something mindless plays. If I had been one of those Victorian ladies constantly struck with the vapors, I'd probably have had to employ a full-time reader to read out loud the latest Dickens serials, just to keep from going crazy; I'm not saying that I couldn't survive without television, but it's much easier to cling to the will to live when there are five hours of Star Trek reruns on every day.

Despite being late, though, this issue is awesome. D. Roberts Keenan has another exciting podcast — this time tackling the fast talk jive of Sports Night. Erin O'Brien looks back at this last season of Project Runway: our last, best hope for awesome reality television. We've got a DVD review of the long-canceled hidden gem Profit, analysis of CSI, scheduling shifts, not to mention some animation updates and news on how the United Kingdom is joining the digital cable bandwagon. Overall, exciting times and damn good reading, whether you're up to reading it yourself, or you need your parlour maid to read it out loud while you rest from the effects of the laudanum.

-Liz Shannon Miller

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