overthinking the idiot box

May 22, 2006

Letter from the editor
No, thank YOU, Alias. I guess.

We talked about the end of Alias and The West Wing last week, but it's still worth saying: aw. Those shows were fun. They'll be missed. Sure, they had their rough seasons. Sometimes, those rough seasons outnumbered the good seasons. But hey. Good times and the bad, right? The mourning process shouldn't be too rough.

I'd also like to thank both shows for ending on... Well, whimper is the wrong word. Sigh? Sigh is good. West Wing was more like an exhale of relief, really. Everyone ready to move onto the next project and the next royalty check. Meanwhile, Alias... Boy, Alias, for a show that loves exploding people, you sure ended on a note of "eh." Not that I totally minded. You'd exploded enough characters I liked for one night.

So, a sigh of relief, and the rushing air of BOOM. The times they are a changin'.

Don't believe me? Check out the upfronts. Not that some things are at all changeable. Wednesdays belong to Lost and Law and Order, at least for another year or five. But I'm super-excited for the new battleground that is Thursday; finally, after two years of CSI domination, we got ourselves a ballgame. As I'm a RWWDWGA (Rare Woman Who Doesn't Watch Grey's Anatomy), my TiVo will be tuned to NBC at 9 PM, no contest. But I'm super-excited to see how it shakes out. My guess? NBC rescues Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip after three weeks of McDreamy pummelling, moving it to a lesser timeslot until it's time to order the back nine, upon which occasion NBC will NOT order the back nine, and it's just Law and Order for all of us, forever.

Check out me and my pre-emptive bitterness, huh? Too easy, this day and age. But hey, maybe I'll be wrong about everything. It's happened once or twice.

-Liz Shannon Miller

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