overthinking the idiot box

June 5, 2006

Letter from the editor
Ready or Not: Summer, Here It Comes

Hey, remember how network television was going to start going crazy on us with their year-round programming? Remember that?

And hey, isn't it weird that summer's here and there is now NOTHING to watch? (Nothing new, at least.) My Tivo is so sad and lonely. It doesn't know what to do with itself. It's considering a hobby. Getting out, meeting some new people. Maybe joining a book club. It's important to keep busy.

I'm not complaining, though. My birthday was over a month ago and I've barely cracked the two DVD sets kindly given to me by my family. (Robot Chicken and the Star Trek Time Travel collection, if you're that curious to know.) And there's this bright ball of fire in the sky that just BLAZES all day long, and there's something about it that just makes us not want to want to stay inside watching TV. Especially those of us without air conditioning.

Also, after all the excitement from this season's finales, it makes sense that we want a break from cliffhanger drama. I mean, Veronica Mars alone was exhausting, but Veronica and Lost AND House? Heck, even The Office slammed down some jaws. Mine, at least.

This is our last regular issue of the season, but don't you fret: We've got some cool surprises planned for the summer, including a Very Special Finale in two weeks. So in the meantime, let's get psyched for a relaxing summer, long afternoons outside, free of TV, just sunshine and cold drinks in tall glasses...

Unless, of course, your home is air conditioned. In which case, let me recommend staying inside, turning on HBO, and cranking it.

-Liz Shannon Miller

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