overthinking the idiot box

Summer Vacation's Guilty Pleasures
How do we beat the heat? With infomercials, Canadian soaps, and sitcoms from long ago.
World Peace via Korean TV
Will Korean soap operas save the world?

SpongeFreud Squarepants

What's really going on in that pineapple beneath the sea?
Know When to Hold 'Em
A starter guide to televised poker.
At the Buzzer
NBA Draft Fever!

Be Careful Out There
Hot town, serial killers in the city.

by Andreanna Ditton

Bride of TiVo
Just give me a sign. Hit me, TV, one more time.

Free Truman

Is celebreality any match for the real thing?

Holographic Wow
USA's summer sci-fi: THE 4400 and DEAD ZONE.

London Calling

The other side of British reality: quality TV documentaries.


STAR TREK, straighened out: Q is for Queer.

The Office
Those of you who think you know everything are annoying to those of us who do.

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