overthinking the idiot box


Episode 1: Yunjin Kim, Tim Minear and Paul Feig, and South Park seasons 1-5.

Episode 2: Fall 2005 pilots, The TV Nerd Evolution, TV News Overload, and The Wire.

Episode 3: Broadway, Escapism, What I'm Watching, Star Wars, and Sex and the City.

Episode 4: The Upfronts, Haiku about LOST, Technology and TV, The Twin Peaks/Veronica Mars connection, and Arrested Development.

Episode 5: The Cliffhanger Report, The Apprentice and sexism, Recasting, Science and Math, and The Golden Girls.

Episode 6: Housewives Catfight, Filesharing, farewells to Shannen Doherty and American Dreams, and Seinfeld Season 4.

Episode 7: Guilty Pleasures, Korean soap operas, SpongeFreud Squarepants, TV Poker, and The Office.

Episode 8: NYC's real Law and Order, The TV Musical, The Death of the Sitcom, and Deadwood Season 1.

Episode 9: The Retroactive Emmys, Everything Old is New Again, Subbing vs. Dubbing, Indie Music on TV, and Eerie Indiana.

The Best of Season 1: Plus, Lost LOST haiku and Fan Mail.

Episode 1: Adam Baldwin Part 1, Ten "What The Fucks" 2005 Emmys Edition, Up All Night, and The X-Files Mythology box-sets.

Episode 2: Adam Baldwin Part 1I, Lost In Space/Lost In Translation, and Firefly.

Episode 3: Interview with Matthew Robinson, Trends that Tire, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Gilmore Girls Season 4 .

Episode 4: Desperate Housewives podcast, The West Wing and the White House, a guide to Lost online, and Dead Like Me Season 1.

Episode 5: Some prayers for Arrested Development, Product Placement, Grey's Anatomy, and House Season 1.

Episode 6: Murphy Brown podcast, The FCC vs. The CPB, and Clerks the Complete Series.

Episode 7: How to make a holiday special, the cultural references of Family Guy, and the Charlie Brown Christmas specials.

Episode 8: Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast, "Shut it, Lazy Sunday," and Family Guy Seasons 1-3.

Episode 9: The CW, unlikable protagonists, and MST3K Essentials.

Episode 10: Smallville podcast, staff member Valentines, and The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

Episode 11: Everybody Hates Chris, the rich folk of Gilmore Girls, and The American Office.

Episode 12: Sports Night podcast, Project Runway, and Profit.

Episode 13: Black. White., Aspercream vs. the FCC, and Queer as Folk/The L Word.

Episode 14: Sliders podcast, pilots doomed to crash and burn, and Veronica Mars.

Episode 15: Crap Show/Great Episode, Fans versus Showrunners, and The West Wing.

Episode 16: Pilots that might soar, Showrunner Switcharoo, the Bitter-ish End, and Quantum Leap.

Episode 17: SMRT-TV goes to the upfronts (not literally). Plus, the five stages of cancellation grief.

Episode 18: Cliffhanger Report 2006! Also, reruns and The Young Ones.

Episode 19: What We're Watching, a CW preview, and the Great Column Switcharoo.