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February 1, 2006

Everything you ever wanted to know about sports on TV.

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Decided to Watch the Superbowl, huh?

by Alan Bloom

Finding it hard to care about this year's Superbowl? If you're not from Pittsburgh, the answer is probably "yes." Because sadly, let's face it, Seattle has been largely ignored by the country for much of the year. Despite superstar extraordinaire Shaun Alexander being named the NFL regular season MVP (and deservedly so), it was very easy this year for the viewing public to avoid Seahawks games. Tucked all the way up there in the Pacific Northwest, far from the eyes of anyone east of the Mississippi, cruising through a fairly dismal NFC this season. It's hard to get excited about a team with virtually no playoff history to speak of. Before this season, Seattle hadn't won a playoff game since 1984. Contrast that with the recent success of the New England Patriots, a team that for all intents and purposes encapsulated the word "dynasty" in pro football. It's tougher to root for the no-name.

Pittsburgh Steeler fans have a lot to cheer for. Their team made history, becoming the first side to win three road playoff games to advance to the Superbowl. Bill Cowher is the longest tenured coach in the NFL. Jerome Bettis, among the most popular players perhaps in the history of the league, may be in the midst of his final bus ride. And what better place for him to finish it than in his hometown of Detroit, host site of Superbowl XL and inevitably the riot that will ensue after the game ends (Sorry, Detroit. I just had to take that low blow).

So for those of you who couldn't imagine not watching the Superbowl (like me), even though you don't have a rooting interest in who wins (me again), here are a list of things that will hopefully ensure your viewing experience is entertaining:

There's plenty to watch in Superbowl XL. Just try not to let your lack of rooting interest get in the way.

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