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February 13, 2006

Happy V-Day, TV!

by the SMRT-TV Staff

It's been a long time since the days of elementary school, when we expressed our undying devotion for our classmates with bad puns printed on perforated cardboard. Back then, Valentine's Day had a polyamorous quality; you'd pass out two dozen tokens of affection before lunch, girls and boys all together. A far cry from adulthood, which tells us to focus our Valentine energies on that one special person, but we here at SMRT-TV like to kick it old school. So this year, we're writing Valentines not for our true loves, but for everyone we admire.

Michael Adams:

Joel Bergen:

Joel Bergen:

Whitney Cox:

Andreanna Ditton:

Luke Geddes:

Vicki Karigiannis:

Liz Shannon Miller:

Jenni Powell:

Joelle Tjahjadi:

Alison Veneto:
Valentine Hell
He's handsome, wealthy and really rather fashionable;
His name is Logan and above all he's a rascal.
He is the perfect man — but wait — why oh why must there be two?
Logan Huntzberger and Logan Echolls — how am I to chose between you?

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