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October 31, 2005

PODCAST: Pride, the Gateway Sin

A commentary on Desperate Housewives' "Suspicious Minds"

by D. Roberts Keenan

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The Seven Deadly Sins — that favorite topic of theologians for centuries — gets a fresh look. In this seven-part series, SMRT-TV explores the Sins You Love to Commit as seen in your favorite TV shows.

First under the scope is the "gateway sin" — pride. Far from just a watchcry at gay rallies, you'll see how pride, with its sister sins vanity, vainglory, narcissism and selfishness, can make ordinary people do some mighty unordinary things. Explore ABC's hit ode to naughtiness, Desperate Housewives, with the Season 1 episode "Suspicious Minds." Cue up your DVD (it's the first episode on Disc 3) and get ready for 45 minutes of SMRT-ness!

Coming soon: Murphy Brown and envy.

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