overthinking the idiot box

April 10, 2006

Letter from the editor
And Many More... On Channel Four...

We had a little birthday party for SMRT-TV last Tuesday, exactly one year after the release of our first episode. Just some friends, some drinks, and a lot of TV gab — which was a fitting way to celebrate the first anniversary of this humble webzine. We remembered the good times, and the bad; the crap shows, and the sad. Reflected upon some great articles, as well as those all-nighters we pulled in order to publish said great articles. All in the name of quality TV criticism, analysis, and nerdity. Yeah SMRT-TV!

It was a fun party, but not a big to-do. Which fits our laid-back style, I suppose. Maybe after two years we'll be ready for the stripper-sized cake and Pussycat Doll production numbers. But right now, couches and microwave popcorn at our quality local dive bar feels like a good fit. We didn't even need any TV in the background. Just quality old-school soul on the jukebox and some debate over Grey's Anatomy's relative merits, while the rain poured down outside.

We all got to meet Jill, which was awesome, because this episode features the premiere of her new column, Love Is On The Air, which will be covering the girly bits of all our favorite shows, for better or for worse. We've also got another D. Roberts Keenan podcast, the beginning of our always-exciting pilots coverage, and great columns on Bones, timeslot wars, David Attenborough, and the cartoon DVDs that currently threaten to bankrupt us all. Our DVD review is also interesting — and potentially controversial — as the writer immerses herself in Veronica Mars, but finds that the hype does not live up to the DVD-viewing experience.

Just the usual sort of thought-provoking writing for which we've sacrificing REM cycles. It's always worth it.

Mainly because of you, dear reader, and you, dear staff members. Thanks to you all for your support.

-Liz Shannon Miller

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